The Long Road Back

Emotional pain often leaves wounds that don’t heal overnight. How can we fix these problems instead of just cope with them? … More The Long Road Back


Prayer Requests

Over the last few months, things have gotten crazy. And now that they’re starting to settle down, I’d like to take some time to lift up any needs that you all may have to the Lord. So, let’s try something new: Below this post is a box with a few different categories for you to … More Prayer Requests

Circumstances Suck.

I’m getting really sick of the circumstances I’m in. I’m sick of getting what seems like the short end of the stick in so many situations, sick of feeling hurt and sad so often, sick of dealing with such awful events in my life. They really stack up, and every once in a while it … More Circumstances Suck.

My God Will Provide

So, today is a short encouragement (just because I’m feeling like now would be a good time to share it). God will provide for you. It won’t always be what you’re expecting, what you’re hoping for, what you want. But it will always be given in your best interest in order to bring glory to the perfect … More My God Will Provide